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Tuesday, May 26

Volitional viands

This post marks a milestone of 50,000 visitors to my online cookbook blog! Thank you so much for sharing this culinary journey with me.

Cooking, to me, is usually a blend of alchemy and meditation. Most my dishes come out different each time I prepare them as I'm learning, exploring, playing with new gadgets or ingredients.

While growing up, I was fortunate to have a Mom who was an amazing cook. She wasn't as big on flair as I tend toward, but hearty, wholesome, and healthy meals to feed a hard-working farm family of four. I was allow to assist on occasion, usually the holiday meals, but Mom was definitely in command of her kitchen.

After moving to California, I enjoyed dabbling in my kitchen but nothing truly serious. Until one coworker (who's name I've long forgotten) shared some of her abundant and abundantly large zucchinis from her garden. Our director started a friendly competition for title of Best Zucchini Bread. I must admit, if you do not know me personally, I'm a tad competitive. While I doubt my attempt was remotely close to being the "best," I was encouraged on several levels.

I became the guy who brings the most evil (read: fatting, delicious, diet-destorying) temptations to the office. Word wafted like the smell of a freshly baked pie. My last corporate gig commenced with my hiring manager requesting a pecan pie as part of my interview process, and the job was for a technical writer position. My referral came from a friend and former coworker with a tales of my hobby.

This blog began as somewhat of a joke. When my "dish" and I started dating, my Mom requested he ensure I eat well. (I'm a skinny guy, and Mom worries!) At first we were posting photos to Facebook, with the occasion "how did you fix that?" prompting me to post the recipe. The blog formed so that I wouldn't lose record and recipes if Facebook goes belly up eventually.

After 5 1/2 years, I consider Dishes with My Dish to be my compendium cookbook of cookbooks. At the time of this posting, there are approximately 493 recipes available.

Before I return to my normal laconic presentation mode, another element of blogging that continuely keeps me amused: Stats! Pity not all of my 50,000 views are from humans.

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