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Friday, October 29

Honey-grapefruit sorbet

Grapefruits, freshly squeezed, chilled
5 to 6
(400 ml)
Honey, raw, clover or blackberry or other strong flavor
1/3 cup
(100 ml)

Excluding frosty dairy-based dishes, this is the most amazing frozen dessert I know! No sugar. No fat.

NOTE: Because there are only two ingredients, ensure they're perfect. Also, this recipe works best on a 4:1 ratio; for example: 400 ml of grapefruit to 100 ml of honey.
  1. Heat honey on low until it liquefies. (Never microwave as it damages the honey.
    I place the measured amount of honey in a water-bath, stirring until it liquefies.
  2. Remove from heat, and stir in freshly squeezed grapefruit. (Better to pour the honey into the grapefruit... as it cools more quickly for the next step)
  3. Pour into ice cream machine, and run for 40 minutes or so.
Presentation wow factor:
  1. Rinse and chill some oranges for a few hours.
  2. Cut the tops off and keep, and then scoop out each orange, making it in to a serving cup.
  3. Fill with honey-grapefruit sorbet.
  4. Cover with orange tops, and chill in freezer over night.
  5. Take to office or gathering; set out for 10 minutes to soften before serving.

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  1. Sorry I missed the ERA meeting and your contributions. Gorgeous blog and amazing recipes. I love to cook and talk recipes with you sometime. Caroline Isberg